«Boiling Point» CD & Digital; 2014; Metal Scrap Records


  1. Rage 5:00
  2. My Star 4:35
  3. Samurai 4:36
  4. In the Power of Depth 4:46
  5. Defence of Sevastopol 6:01
  6. White Death 5:29
  7. Tenth Ninght 4:33
  8. Playing with Fire 5:06
  9. Sea God 5:15
  10. Saturation 4:44

Total playing time: 50:10


Third full-length album by Modern Heavy Metal band from Russia.

“…From the first few seconds you plunge into the atmosphere of a theatre, close your eyes and begin to listen to enchanting C-becar-mijor Symphony, when suddenly a big chandelier breaks away and falls at your head, breaking you with guitar riffs, tooth-crushing speed drums, bass mega parties, symphonic choral arrangements and vocals, ranging from clean to growling!

The whole album is penetrated by hellish mix of high-speed styles – symphonic, melodic, progressive, alternative, but there are a lot of ballads with a lot of acoustics. The lyrics are very emotional, bringing to the boiling point that really “blows the roof”. Quick Thrash Metal pieces organically interlace with the melodic choir choruses and there’s your brain explodes, you open your eyes and… theatre sees you out with last notes of a symphony orchestra”.

Material recorded at the Metalhearts Studio. Mixing, mastering and master of special effects made Alex Knip.

The fans of bands such: Children Of Bodom, Soilwork, In Flames, Mercenary, Degradead, Dark Tranquillity, Svartstorm and not only will be interested in this album. There are a lot of serious things in this album, but it produces a very positive general impression using the expense of really fresh and extraordinary style, in one word – the Light Metal!

Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR071/CD)