“Dead Phone” Digital EP;2020;Metal Scrap Records;


1.Dead Phone

2.Fermat’s Theorem

3.Forever Young





The fourth EP by Russian Progressive Melodic Thrash/Death Metal band.
This is a second EP for the forthcoming sixth full-length studio album.
“My cool phone died in agony, I died with him as well!” – sing Druknroll. Who are you without your gadget? Homo sapiens? Think about it…
A huge Thrash Metal bomber takes off again in the sky! Consisting of three tracks, new Druknroll EP recommended for fans of Children Of Bodom, Soilwork, Mercenary, Degradead, Dark Tranquillity, Svartstorm, In Flames, and more…

Metal Scrap Records, 2020, (MSR168 / DT)