«My Dark Desires» CD & Digital; 2022; Polygon Records;


  1. Apparent Lies
  2. Hate
  3. My Black Envy
  4. Sorrow
  5. Brain Experiment
  6. I’m a Tranquilizer Man
  7. Welcome To Mars
  8. Disharmony
  9. My Dark Desires
  10. Unnecessary Time


 Seventh full-format studio album Progressive Melodic Modern Thrash/Death Metal of the band DRUKNROLL!

In perverted mind there dwell not only giant cockroaches but dark desires that you dream to come true like to live forever or rule the world!

Here on new “My Dark Desires” album all your most obscure and secret wishes may come true with the help of nasty vocals that sometimes blur into infernal growls; drawling keyboards that refresh the sound with its electronic speckles; dazzling solos that set everything on fire like sparks; rapid drum’n’bass interlacing that collide faster than neurons in the brain of mice; and of course the heaviest guitars that resonate with your liver like black caviar with a toast!

Stop! Stop! And where is Grandma? Oh, she is already in a mice morgue experimenting with how fast the bass-drum can go through neurons of mice using a taser!!!

Polygon Records, 2022