DRUKNROLL (for Legacy#137) 2022

*) Your new EP “Zero” was just released. What is the situation in the band at the moment? Is anything fine or do you face some issues?
Dmitry: The band is doing great and everyone here is doing what they love!
Druknroll: Zero problems! We even have this track on our new EP! In fact, there is one problem – it’s too great to make a full-length album that we want to release on our favourite label Metal Scrap Records! EP “Zero” is just a small warm-up for the upcoming album! And all musicians are already working hard on a next album. It’s better than unloading containers at the railway!

*) “Freakingface” was released in 2020. What happened since then?
Denys: If I say “I was busy as f*ck (hell)” I’ll be lying, but stay tuned for new things to come.
Dmitry: Not so much for me, we just continued working on new material. Life goes on.
Druknroll: Yes, while I was writing new material the last hair left my head!

*) Are the songs on “Zero” leftovers of “Freakingface” or are they completely new written?
Dmitry: We don’t have any leftovers. We always prepare a certain amount of tracks for the album. These are all brand new songs that we wanted to share with our listeners.
Druknroll: I totally agree with Dmitry, we do not have anything left behind. Everything is put into work!

*) DRUKNROLL uses nowadays programmed drums. Is it that difficult to find a decent drummer or do you prefer drum computers in general? Why?
Denys: Yeah, correct. Decent drummers are so rare and some of those remaining have to have their views and personal qualities fit our vision of the band. It is much easier to do everything using software.
Dmitry: Both. Of course, we can find a session drummer to record but we prefer to take all the control of the process and of the arrangements.
Druknroll: Of course, painstaking and meticulous drum programming is the key to success!

*) Is Saratov a good place for a metal band? Are there other metalheads? And how does society reacts when they notice you?
Denys: Every place on Earth has its metal community and metal fans are found all over the world so no matter where are you from. But sometimes society’s reaction is like “who the heck are you dude?” Sad but true.
Dmitry: Lol what a strange question in 2022. We live in a European city and today no one shows any negativity to this. We are common citizens of our society.

*) DRUKNROLL says in its bio: “To play or not to play, that is the question”. Are there any doubts that you wouldn’t play? Or what do you want to say with this phrase?
Druknroll: I didn’t want to mislead anyone, because “not to play” can be said about anything from sports to gambling but the music. Because even if your hands and legs are disabled you will find your way to play the guitar or whatever you want!!! I hope that now you understand what I wanted to say!

*) What is your opinion on Shakespeare? (At least you use a quote by him and changed it a little bit.)
Denys: The man. The myth. The legend. The possible DRUKNROLL fan.
Druknroll: Great dude!!! If he lived now and not 400 something years ago he would certainly love Paradise Lost!

*) You changed your musical style from melodic heavy metal to some harder stuff. How did that come? Is it an expression that your anger grew with time?
Denys: Yeah, we just boosted our testosterone level so…
Dmitry: Our music changes within our musical tastes and preferences. We are progressing in what we do and we just want to push the borders so there are no limits.
Druknroll: While we become older our guts become stronger and it is harder and harder to shake it with our music. So we have to make your music stronger and harder too!

*) Your old stuff had Russian vocals. Nowadays your lyrics are in English. Why that change?
Dmitry: The answer is quite obvious – we want to expand the audience.
Druknroll: Here I disagree with Dmitry! If we really wanted to expand the audience, we would sing in Mandarin! By the way, great topic to discuss!

*) You did a cool video for the title track ‘Zero’. Who did it?
Druknroll: I once came across a cool cartoon called “Metal Family” on the Internet so I contacted its creators if they are interested in collaborating with our band. Then they provided us some scenes cut from the cartoon and everything started spinning! By the way, I recommend everyone to watch this cartoon!

*) Are you a gambler, too?`Why (not)?
Dmitry: Oh, no
Druknroll: If you watched Guy Ritchie’s movie “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” you must know what senseless gambling may bring. Nothing good. So I personally prefer to pull the strings and nerves!

*) Your band is named after Andrey’s nickname. What does it mean?
Druknroll: Yes, whatever they called me – a drunk ROLL, a crazy ROLL, a gloomy ROLL and a cool ROLL in short, all this is true. Because drunk girls usually whisper this!

*) What are your plans for the future?
Denys: Taking over this irrational world.
Druknroll: Here I absolutely agree with Denis, DRUKNROLL’s new full length album “My Dark Desires”, which is set for release in spring 2022 via Metal Scrap Records, will help you taking over this irrational world!!!

*) Do you want to add something?
Denys: Get ready you guys. We are making no jokes.
Druknroll: Guys, listen to DRUKNROLL and you will be healthy and happy! FUCK’N’DRUK’N’ROCK’N’ROLL!!!








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