DRUKNROLL (for radio show LupOnAir on Radioerre.it) 2023

  1. Tell us something about “Fantastic Rage”, the track we broadcast.

Druknroll: There are two aspects to note here:

– it all started with the name of the track, I wanted to combine the “combined in the uncomprehended” and now we are already starting to work on several new tracks “Fluffy Malice”, ”Furious Washcloth” and “Disgusting Vodka” (it can only be tasty)!

-the track is inspired by the fantastic movie “Blind Rage” starring the unbelievable Rutger Hauer!

  1. Can people tell when you’re drunk?

Druknroll: There are two aspects I can tell:

– of course yes, I immediately turn into Cozy Powell and all the neighbors start playing along with me, banging a wrench on the battery!

-of course not, now my alcoholic dose is glass of Cabernet and now I smell not of hoax, but violets


  1. Offer us a record that we don’t know for sure.

Druknroll: There are two aspects I can tell:

-In December 2022, we released a new tooth-crushing album “My Dark Desires” of 10 hellish tracks and a new video “My Black Envy”!

-Take care of your teeth to grind our metal!

micro-intervista: DRUKNROLL