DRUKNROLL (for Rock and Wrestling) 2016

Druknroll:  I’ve been collected all the material till 2006, that I wanted to implement. I invited vocalist Alexander and drummer Peter, who was playing in a local band “Dark Lord”, Alex decided to be our guitarist and master of special effects, and the work began.  We haven’t ever wanted to play live, but we  just wanted to record an album. 4 years later our debut album “Brownian motion” came. We don’t have  a certain style of music, it is said, “do not disdain anything” (it’s a joke).I listen to a variety of music like fresh material of groups Soilwork, In Flames, Mercenary, Degradead.

-For those who are starting rocking

Which band and / or classic rock band’s song recommend and why?

Druknroll: I think, I won’t say anything new. It is Metallica, it is forever. I was amazed by the album Master Of Pappets” when it had just been released in 1986, although it remains popular nowadays. 


-For those who are starting rocking and begin to be known as a band

What song of yours you recommend and why?

Druknroll: I’d recommend the song “Wolf” from our new album “In The Game”. There you’ll find everything you need, such things as gear-shaping drums, powerful guitar riffs, great solos, hard basses, amazing keyboard parts and heartbreaking vocals.


-Which one was or has been the most important moment in your career?

Druknroll: The most important moment of my carrier hasn’t come, but it feels like it is going to happen! 


-Tell us about your achievements, future goals and what are you doing right now?

Druknroll: This spring the label Metal Scrap Records (by the way, I recommend this label, it’s perfect) released the fourth album “In the game”. The video “Wolf” was shot for the main song of this album. We have a lot of plans for this autumn, such as publishing (?) the EP and shooting a new video about the Second World War. Now I’m writing another new song!


-As wrestling media, do you know wrestling, right?, What do you want to comment or add about this topic?

Druknroll: Yes, the site Rock and Wrestling is well made, it has vast amounts of information for metalheads. I liked the interactive programme Enter most of all, although I don’t know Spanish at all, but it is clear for me even without words! 


-Greetings and message for rock fans and visitors of Rock and Wrestling website

Druknroll: I wish everybody could live their life happily, listen to good music, visit best concerts and take care of our beautiful planet! In a word, 






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