DRUKNROLL (for vs Il Raglio del Mulo) 2021

  1. Welcome, when did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Druknroll: The band came to exist in 2006 with Horror on vocals, Jester on drums and me, Druknroll, playing everything else. In 2013 Jester left us to pursue other projects but remaining our friend. After 2017 we got guitarist Denis and multi-instrumentalist Oleg on board. This is our most recent line-up and this is who record our music.

  1. What new goals do you hope to achieve with Drunkroll?

Oleg: Currently, our task is to make as interesting and extraordinary music that we can. It may sound arrogant, but we want to take it to the next level. Be more interesting!

Denys: Our main goal is to make our musical community much bigger! We want to attract as many fans as possible and introduce them to our music.

Druknroll: Banging, thrashing, kicking, punching and druknrolling metal music! We prefer the process to the results.

  1. Are you currently performing or are you stopped due to the pandemic?

Oleg: We are thinking about a stream where we can present new material. Many bands are doing this now. I think this is a good way out at this time.

Druknroll: Pandemic didn’t scare us at all. We are working our asses off as it always was and is.

  1. How important is live activity for an underground band like you?

Denys: I think it’s not a secret that every musician wants to be 100% focused on a music as a lifework. If you’re an underground band or a musician it means that you have regular life with routine. Live activity and performances are extremely important but sometimes you don’t feel the strenght to pust it hard enough.

Oleg: I think it’s not that important. darkthrone never performed and they remain legends

Druknroll: I think gigs are very important for every band. But since we never played one I can’t tell you for sure.

  1. What are your memories of your first live performance as a band?

Druknroll: These are zero memories. Just like our newest EP “Zero” we release in early 2022.

  1. Your last album is “Freakingface” (2020), are you still satisfied?

Denys: Yes, ’cause looking back there were the best versions of us at this moment. How can you be unsatisfied with yourself? I mean it’s not a megalomania and we are still exploring our limits of possibilities.

Oleg: I think it will turn out to be very good. I think it will take a place in the collections of metalheads

Druknroll: Of course we are! We tried our best and put the best of us in while recording the album. So, yeah, we are fully satisfied with what it appeared to be.

  1. Are you already working on the new songs?

Denys: For sure we are and we’re hope you’ll gonna like it!

Oleg: We have almost finished the new album. he should blow your head off

Druknroll: Yes, this work never stopped actually. All the new songs are to be recorded till the end of the year. Then we release an EP early next year, as I said, and then a full-length comes. Stay tuned.

  1. Will we listen to a new album in line with “Freakingface” or has your sound changed in these months?

Denys: I had an obsession with harmonic squeals so there will be a lot of whammy bar stuff.

Druknroll: We wanted to alter the sound a bit, we are thinking about it right now. But the idea of powerful metal-attack will remain unchanged.

  1. Will the new record be released on Metal Scrap Records?

Druknroll: Yeah! We love our label and are willing to work with it again and further.

  1. That’s all, thanks

Druknroll: Cheers! And don’t forget to grab our new music next year!

Giuseppe Felice Cassatella

21 dicembre 2021


Druknroll - modern metal