DRUKNROLL ( for Worship Metal – The 10 Commandments) 2020


Hello, this is Andrew from Worship Metal.

These are 10 kind of “weird” questions for a new column in our site. Thanks for your time answering them. Please just let me know your name and band.

Andrew Tsekrekos



1) How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

Oleg: Disturbing, crushing

Druknroll: A lump of shit rushing at you!

2) Which album would you buy as a gift to someone in order to get him into metal music?

Oleg: Killswitch Engage-As Daylight Dies

Druknroll: Metallica – Master Of Puppets 

3) What is the worst metal cliche?

Oleg: Growling

4) You are a dj in a metal party, what’s the first song you will play?

Oleg: SUICIDE SILENCE – You Only Live Once

Denys: It’s definitely will be the Ace of Spades by Motorhead!

Druknroll: Dio – Holy Diver

5) What’s the perfect band to listen to when you’re drunk?

Oleg: Despised Icon

Druknroll: Paradise Lost

6) Which album or band got you into heavy metal?

Oleg: King Diamond – Abigail

7) What’s more dangerous,  a bad dentist or a fatal woman?

Oleg: A bad dentist

Denys: A fatal woman is dangerous as hell! Bad dentist can destroy your oral cavity, but you can fix it anyway. A fatal woman can destroy your life, no matter how fun it was in the process.

Druknroll: Dentist woman

8) Denim or leather?

Oleg: Leather

Denys: Oh, it’s hard but, let’s go with denim for dudes and leather for the hot chicks;)

Druknroll: Denim

9) What’s the first metal tshirt you bought?

Oleg: Job for a cowboy (вообще то Ария, но они вряд ли такую группу знают)

Druknroll: Druknroll – present!

10) Vinyl, cd or tape?

Oleg: Vinyl

Druknroll: Digit-the rest is all dead!

Druknroll - modern metal